Is Evelyn A Boy's Or A Girls' Name?


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It is both, though now more commonly given to girls. In the UK it is pronounced EEV-lin, in the US EV-e-lin. It was formerly a surname used by the Normans, though its origins are older. It is probably a variant of the old French name Ava or Aveline, which goes back at least to the 9th century although its meaning is uncertain.

It seems to have no connection with the ancient Hebrew name Eve, though girls called Evelyn often shorten it to Eve or Evie. As a boy's name Evelyn was quite well known in the 19th century. Then it gradually became more typical as a girl's name in the 20th, although one of the best-known bearers of the name in the 20th century was (male) British novelist Evelyn Waugh – who, oddly enough, married a woman called Evelyn.

The name is less in use at present; it has been overtaken by the similar-sounding Eve.
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Well my name is Evelyn and I have heard of some boys with the same name but its pronounced differently
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I have heard it more for a girl then a boy .

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