What Does The Term Veteran Mean In The USA ?


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The definitions I have seen mean simply a person has served in the armed forces of the U.S.  Charming has a good summary.  A Vietnam veterans group I know of allows anyone who served in the military during the time of the Vietnam War, to be a member.  A state I lived in allowed anyone who had ever served in the military to obtain Veteran's tags.  Combat veterans served in a combat zone.  You could certainly say that A. Neumann is a veteran of MAD magazine considering his 50 years of service there.  Sorry, that picture always makes me half goofy.
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A veteran is one who has served in the Armed Services. My sister doesn't consider someone a veteran if they haven't been in combat, but anyone who has served is a veteran. I am a veteran even though I did not serve in combat, though I did serve during a combat period. I was just stateside the whole time.
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If you served in any branch of the service, on active duty, then you are considered a veteran.
Your sister is partially correct, a COMBAT VETERAN is in a different class than a Veteran that did not see combat duty because 1 veterans organization, The Veterans of Foreign Wars, only accept Combat Veterans that fought on foreign soil.
The American Legion accepts any Veteran that has served, under Federal Govt. Orders, for at least 1 day, during a period of time that is set by the US Congress. The American Veterans, AMVETS, organizatin accepts ALL Veterans reguardless of date of service. I can not give you the requirements of any other Vets org. As I do not know them. Just remember this one fact, ON DECEMBER 6th, 1941 there were few Veterans serving in the Armed Forces, on December 7th ALL those serving were suddenly VETERANS.
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I've an answer to your first question only. A person who has served in the armed forces or An old soldier who has seen long service.

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