What Does The Suffix "Ac" Mean In Medical Terms?


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In creating and understanding what a word root is, you need to know the basic definition of the term, and get to grips with the kind of language that should be used, or was used to create the word. The suffix ‘ac’ is required as the word root is not sufficient on its own to create a whole word that can be understood easily. ‘Ac’ is a suffix that completes a medical term so that it can be used in research and worked into practice to provide people with better services and ultimately allow medical workers to remain in the know.

The medical word root will be taken from a different source language, like Latin. Hence, to understand precisely what the word means (or to create a word), you need a grasp of both English language and the Latin language, as well as the rules relating to suffixes like ‘ac’.

‘Kardia’ is the word that relates to the heart, but in English, a patient could not simply suffer a ‘kardia’ event. Instead, to make the word more English and easy to work into language, the suffix ‘ac’ must be implemented in order to make it into a ‘cardiac’ event. The suffix ‘ac’ is there to add to the prefix to make sure that all words that might be taken from a different source language can easily become a part of English, soon becoming professional and official medical terms as they are borrowed from other languages, a sign of lexical change.

The suffix ‘ac’ is just one of many suffixes used in the English language in medical terms, like ‘s’ or ‘es’.
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The suffix -ac means pertaining to as in cardiac, with the root word being card/I -meaning heart and suffix -ac meaning pertaining to.  Cardiac meaning pertaining to the heart.  I think the other person was answering what does the abbreviation AC stand for and in that case AC stands for anticoagulant or air conduction and ac stands for before meals (ante cibum); or acute, however that definition is not the suffix meaning of -ac.
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In medical terminology ac translates exactly to ante cebos. That means before meals. A related term "pc" post cebos means after meals. Both terms are used when prescribing medications and when they should be taken. The best source of this information is your pharmacist. When you get a prescription filled, ask the pharmacist when is the best time to take your medications in regard to your meals. Some medications must be taken on an empty stomach, while others should only be taken after you eat. The reasons for the differences are to lengthy to list here, but your pharmacist can answer that for each medication you take.  
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*** The crease where your arms bends by your elbow (your
antecubital, or AC) phlebotomist draws your blood

AC in Latin terms translates to “ante cibum” (before

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"Ac" means it is pertaining to as per the medical term.

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Ac means what
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It means a person who has the sickness like hypochondriac has hypochondria or insomniac has insomnia
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Can anyone name the five rules given for adding vowel suffixes ...

When words end in 'ac' or 'ic' always add 'k' before adding the suffixes 'y', 'ed', ... Obscure word--letter" E" Can you find the medical term? 10 letter? ...
nz.answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20080122111546AADMoC4 - 28k -

This website should help. I went to school for medical transcription and could give you the answer but I don't do others homework. Good luck.

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