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K9 in the United States, Russia and other countries, is a very popular term. In fact, "K9" refers to dogs and dogs. This title is still some origin. During World War II, the United States to see dogs on the battlefield during World War I played a huge role, so also began to build their own dogs have 20000 special forces for the implementation of surveillance, sentry, detecting mines , guards and other military tasks. But how to do this unit number? So some people think the English word dog Canine homophones, K9. This number is well received by the official and public welcome, and soon swept off from. In the United States, a number of dogs departments and K9 training bases have adopted the title. In addition, distinguished members of the police dog also was awarded the Medal of Honor. In Russia, responsible for search and rescue mission of the K9 German shepherd who will be hung an armband, armband engraved two Russian, meaning are: "The Russian emergency services department. Active shepherd rescue organizations.
[Edit this paragraph] K9 glass
K9 glass is made of K9 glass materials used in the areas of optical coating
K9 optical glass materials are, because of its crystal clear, so a lot of derivatives with K9 material for the processing of an object factory, they process out of the products on the market known as the crystal glass products.
K9 is composed as follows:
SiO2 = 69.13% B2O3 = 10.75% BaO = 3.07% Na2O = 10.40% K2O = 6.29% As2O3 = 0.36%
Its optical constants: Refractive index = 1.51630 = 0.00806 Abbe dispersion number = 64.06
Optical glass Abbe number of national standards are based on the classification, Abbe number of the provisions of ≥ 50 of the glass crown glass "K" to indicate, Abbe number "50 the provisions of flint glass glass" F "to represent. Under these two categories also used light "Q"; emphasis on "Z"; special "T" and the chemical element symbol plus the prefix, numbers, plus the suffix segmentation is divided into 18 categories and 141 brands.
For example: QF8 (Light Flint) BaK11 (barium crown) K9 (corona)
In general, the crown belongs to alkali silicate systems, the vast majority of flint glass, lead silicate system belongs to.
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K9 got a lot of defination. Example like k9 antivirus, k9 rescue for pet, and many more..

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