What Does The Term Rolling Calls Mean?


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Rolling Call is a skill which is most needed by a person who assists an MD or the Chairperson of a company. The term 'rolling call' can be best described as follows: If you receive a call from your boss and he in turn makes you call other people, while he and you are still in conversation. In such cases you put both, your boss and the person he has made you call on a conference call. However you too will have to be on the call till the call is complete and then follow up with the conversation after your boss has finished.

One might face problems when there are other calls coming in during a rolling call. In such a situation, you are expected to put the conference call on hold and deal with the incoming call. But it has to be fast enough before the conference call gets disconnected.
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Rolling calls is when your boss is out of the office and he calls you either on a cell phone or from some other phone and has you call other people while he is on the line.

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