What Does 'Roll In The Hay' Mean?


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Roll in the hay is a sordid euphemism for sexual intercourse. It is slang for a sexual encounter. A few examples are 'He loved her too much to have an illegitimate roll in the hay with her' or 'She was deeply hurt when he referred to their wedding night lovemaking as a mere roll in the hay'.

This phrase primarily alludes to a secret sexual rendezvous between lovers in a hayloft. It is frequently mentioned in cheap romantic novels, especially the variety which is most popular with the fairer sex. In this context, there two lead characters will always be the dashing, arrogant and devilishly attractive hero and the exquisitely beautiful and often naïve heroine. When the chemistry between them is beyond suppression, it inevitably culminates in a fiery passion session. Afterwards there is usually be lover's tiff and then one of them will disdainfully (and untruthfully) refer to their encounter as a roll in the hay.

It is synonymous with other slang terms like nooky, screw and getting some ass.
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Anyone who has seen the movie YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN can't help but smile at the phrase "roll in the hay." Teri Garr - hubba hubba...

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