Could Someone Please Tell Me The Latin Translation Of 'Never Forgotten' Or 'You'll Never Be Forgotten' Or 'You Will Never Be Forgotten'?


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Please disregard the previous poster, who obviously knows no Latin; what she wrote is utter and complete nonsense, meaning "I, being a custom, am never pouring you all out".  "You will never be forgotten" poses a problem, since the general verb "to forget" cannot be used in the passive voice.  One must render it, then, as "Tui numquam obliviscar" = I shall never forget you.  Verbs of remembering and forgetting generally govern the genitive case, hence "tui" is the objective genitive.  If you wish to use the plural "we" change "obliviscar" to "obliviscemur."
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In Latin "you Will Never Be Forgotten" is written as "vos mos Nunquam Effluo" if you want to translate more then check out the following free translation site.

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