I'd like someone to translate what this means and what language it is. Does anyone know? (see below for details)


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I'm almost 100% sure that it's not Japanese. So, it must be Traditional Chinese (the characters aren't that recognizable, so it must be pretty dated back). Some of them look a tad familiar, like the third one down which looks like the character for "snipe" (the bird)... I could be very wrong. Then again, I don't know that much traditional(or simplified for that matter) other than what is used in Japanese. I'm pretty sure it's not bad, lol. It may have to do with the bird that is depicted, though!

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If it is Chinese, (and it looks like it) the writing is normally a poem. This tends to make the translation difficult. As two symbols in Chinese can make one word in English. And the artist has used a bit of artistic licence in his Calligraphy. This is a guess but I would bet it is a poem about a child growing up and leaving home. First line probably equivalent to "Nest" (wood structure of some  kind) and I see "Heart" in one of the words. Which could mean anything but normally is in words of relatives or words like kindness. Best bet is to take it to someone who knows. Sorry I could not be of more help.

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