WORD TRANSLATION: Please Give Me Any Language That Means "FRIEND" Thanks A Lot?


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Hi Tinga! You want the word "friend" in different languages? Well, here are some:

In Swedish: Vän/väninna
In Danish: Ven
In Norwegian: Venn
In Finnish: Ystävä
In German: Freund (The feminine word...? Was it "freunde" or "freundin"? Ask Mehrdad! I think he is reading German right now! I did too, when I was younger, but I have forgotten most of it.
In Dutch: Vriend
In Croatian: Prijatelj
In Latvian: Draugs
In Lithuanian: Draugas
In Estonian: Sõber
In Polish: Znajomy
In French: Ami/amie
In Italian: Amico/amica
In Spanish: Amigo/amiga

Unfortunately I don't know the feminine word for all the languages. I could give you more, but you could also go to Google/translation. For separate words I think they do okey, but I wouldn't trust them blindly. Take good care, Tinga! I hope you are doing well. And me? I am trying, but this day has been hard for both me and the kids... Kisses and hugs from me to you. Mwah!!
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The Gaelic word for friend is 'Chara' and its pronounced (KAW-rah), hope this helps!! ;)
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WOW. That person really went crazy with all the languages...

all I know is french: Ami(e) and english.... But I'm sure you know that.
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Romanian word for friend: Prieten
Dutch Word for friend: Vriend
Spanish Word for friend: Amigo
Hungarian word for friend: Barát

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