What Do You Call Someone Who Is Stubborn In Italian?


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Yo Kass answered
There are a few different words to choose from if you're looking to say 'stubborn' in Italian.

When referring to a person, you might describe him or her as being testardo (male) or testarda (female). This term is the equivalent of calling someone 'headstrong' as it derives from the Italian word for 'head' which is testa.

Another definition you'll find in the dictionary is ostinato which comes from the same root as the English word 'obstinance' but is more common in the average Italian vocabulary than its English counterpart.

One suggestion that possibly has slightly more positive connotations than the previous entries is the word tenace (pronounced ten-atch-ey) which is used to describe someone or something that is dogged, unrelenting and strong-willed.
BEN GREGO answered
My grandparents were from Naples, and they used the term 'capo tosto" pronounced, cop-oh toasto, which meant 'hard head" (same as stubborn!!) of course. They said it so it all flowed together!!!

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