What Is The Meaning Of Tasleem?


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Tasleem is an Arabic name for a baby girl or boy, and means submission and salutation. It is traditionally linked with the Islamic religion and is a popular name in the Middle East and Pakistan. Tasleem also has the same meaning of submission in Urdu. 

This unique name has been ranked number 324 in popularity according to Baby 

Tasleem has been a renowned name that many Muslim families in Asia have used predominantly for their baby boys. However, it has become increasingly popular for parents to choose a variation of this name for a girl too, as there are many similar names such as Tasneem and Tasmeem. 

Tasleem is also the Arabic term used for the final part of a Muslim prayer, when a Muslim has to finish his prayer by giving salutations to the angels on his shoulders. When praying, the term Tasleem also means peaceful. 

Personally, I think this name would be ideal for both boys and girls as the name is meaningful and easy to pronounce. 

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