What Is The Difference Between A Fact, Inference And Opinion?


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The fact is reality or what is real. The inference is to allege a fact based on speculation. The opinion is what someone thinks but does not know.
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A fact is information that cannot be disputed; anyone who seeks to challenge it will find him or herself facing a wall eg.  God exists cannot be disputed even those who say they believe in the big bang theory. Cannot answer the question, who caused the bang? That there must be a cause for the bang is proven by another fact- an effect must have a cause.

An inference is a conclusion that is drawn from what is believed to be a fact.  The conclusion may or may not be correct, because what brought about it, or caused the conclusion to be drawn, was not a fact; or the person(s) who sought to come to the conclusion could not think logically, or did not have other facts which would have enabled them to properly access the merits of the information used to arrive at thier conclusion. Eg. A baby cannot readily concluded that it it dangerous to touch a hot stove, although an adult might. Another eg. Many may not understand the power, source or logic of the Lord, because basic information about The Lord was not properly taught to them or they did not have the capacity to experience him through the testing moments of their life.

An opinion is a point of view which might be factual or erroneous.  Eg. Icecream is cold, for most people, but to someone else..Icecream is warm... It is plausible to think (a fact) that someone living in Antartica might find Jamaican Devon House icecream warm (an opinion) even if that person never knew someone from Antartica  This conclusion demonstrates how opinions are determined by circumstances of culture ie way of life/knowledge base.  This sirs/ an Inference..

God has so given us all these to live cultures good argument in the search for truth (that is the ball, you should never loose sight of, in the discussion, or you'll end up in an unholy mess of VIEWS)

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