What Is The Difference Between Fact And Opinion ? With Examples


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This is a very complicated question. From a very traditional standpoint you could say that a fact is something that is objectively true and that does not alter depending on the perspective or perception of the person observing it.
For example you could say today is Friday, the leaf is green or 2 plus 2 equals four. An opinion is where someone puts his or her perspective into the picture. Thank goodness it is Friday, I like Friday because it is nearly the weekend. I like a particular TV show, or I think it is hot outside.
Now the difficulty arises when you get to a point where there is a grey area. A position where it could be considered fact but that is dependent upon the person's perspective. It is Friday here, but in Australia it might already be Saturday for example. So facts have to be specific to time and place often and even better if they include some sort of measure. For example, rather than saying it is hot - which is definitely a matter of opinion, what may be hot to someone from Alaska may not be to someone from Mumbai; you can say it is 32 degrees C. This is harder to disprove, but again a thermometer can be inaccurate and temperature can differ from moment to moment.
So it is hard to really pin down a fact that is 100% accurate, it can only really be so for a limited time in a limited location. The Buddhist principle of impermanence neatly talks about this by saying that nothing is ever really lasting so it is hard to really get to truth.
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A fact is something that is real and can be proved. (Vegetables are good for you).
An opinion is a belief or viewpoint. (Vegetables are tasty).
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A fact is something that is true (it is my birthday tomorrow)
an opinion is when someone believes something is true. However, other may disagree. You can judge opinions. (chocolate cake is tasty)

how to tell the difference between fact and opinion

opinions use verb and adverbs in a sentence
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A fact is a true information that can be supported with an evidence. But an opinion is what one believe to be true
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A fact is something that can be proven with evidence. For example, the sun is bright. Go outside on a sunny day and you have your proof. An opinion is what you think about something. For example, I think he is cute, he may be ugly but I think he is cute. This is my opinion.
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'Jack is dead' - !00% fact

"Jack is killed" - may be a opinion.

When we accept the all information as a fact, another information we
may have - "an innocent has been killed on doubt of killing Jack.', which'll be 100%
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A fact is something that has objective reality, it is not a matter of perception or opinion and is true.(Today is Monday).
Opinions are often based on what one believes to be true or on how a person feels about something.(Monday is a long day working)
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Fact is something that is empirically true and can be supported by evident while an opinion is a bilief
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Fact is the statement of expresses only actually happened, or what could be by objective data.
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The fact has statistics put in like for instance the sky is blue is a fact while the truth is when you express an opinion about someone like when a girl hurts your feelings, than they are speaking the truth, no lie.

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