What Does Indirect Contact Mean?


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Indirect contact means you cannot text them, phone them, leave them messages, write to them, send messages to them via other people, or seek to accidentally on purpose meet them ie by hanging around places you know they go to. Neither can you try to contact them on the Internet. It means you must not have anything to do with them or you will be in breach of your court order and then liable to further sentencing.
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We have full residency of our 35 month old gradson ( had him since he was 3 weeks old ) fathers visits very distruptive now CAFCASS is saying Indirect Contact is best way forward.
Does anyone know how long a time span the court will grant this for????? Please help got court next week. Thanks
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No way are you to make contact with this person, via phone, mail etc, you can not be in any place you know this person frequents, there should be no messages sent via others, if you are somewhere and this person shows up you should leave immediately and be able to prove you left just in case the party does report that you were there although you were there first......the best to you
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Would having a picture of the victim or claiming them as your own child on facebook be indirect contact even when the child is not yours????

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