What Does It Mean If He Puts His Hand On My Lower Back While Maintaining Eye Contact?


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If a man puts his hand on your lower back while maintaining eye contact it is likely that this is a sign that he wants to get closer to you. This is often seen as a gesture of protection and affection and therefore is a sign that he cares about you. This is one of the many ways that you can try to detect if a man likes you. Body language and eye contact are the key give away of affection.

When you are talking, take note of whether or not he leans towards you. A man who tries to get closer to you while you are having a conversation is likely to be trying to get your attention. He may try to catch your eye and hold it if he is interested. When conversing, he may not look away or if you catch him looking at you and he is self-conscious then he may look away quickly. Touching is another tell tale sign that a man likes you. If he goes out of his way to place a hand on you while he’s laughing or talking, brushes closely past you or touches his leg against yours, he is trying to signal that he wants to get closer to you. He may tease you in a flirty manner or pay a very keen interest in what you say or do. Look out for any signs of nervousness and try calling his name. If he quickly turns his head to look for you, it can be a subtle hint that he is interested. If the guy is with his friends, look out for any signs of them teasing him around you. If they know that he is interested in you, boys being boys, it is likely that they will try to show him up a bit.
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I would interpret it that he likes you. For best results, you should ask him.   If you object to it, you should tell him.
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I'd say hes bracing you for some type of frontal advance on your bod
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Kiss me babe!
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Is it cold? Did you ask him to rub your back?
It seriously dies not need to mean anything.

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