What Is The Latin Translation For Vengeance, Death?


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Vengeance in Latin is Vindicta.

Death in Latin is Mortem.

Latin is an ancient Language used in Europe. It was the language that is used in most ancient markings and religious symbolism from the Roman and Greek periods. 

  • Learning Latin
Many people do not know Latin as it is not taught as widely as it once was. You may be able to take it as a subject in college but it is not offered in many educational establishments so you may wish to look and see where it is best for you to go to college if this is something you wish to study. Latin is said to be a hard subject to learn so you should make sure that you think about whether the benefits of learning an ancient language outweigh the negatives and the work that you will have to put in to learn.

  • Latin in literature
Many people find the main exposure that they get to Latin will be in plays and poems. There are many Latin references in Shakespeare's sonnets and plays and although these are dissected in schools and colleges for students to learn, if you are looking to make your career in literature, especially pre 1700 literature, you may wish to learn some Latin to help you with your translations.

  • Latin in archeology
There are archaeologists that feel that learning basic Latin is essential to their job. This is because there ate Latin markings on many different ancient buildings and artifacts.

  • Religion
As Latin is featured heavily in religious texts, many people training to work in the church also learn some Latin so that they can translate freely and easily when they need to
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