What Is The Translation For "Daddy`s Princess" In Latin?


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There are lots of online sites from where you can get free translation services. Like Translator. On this you can translate any required word or sentence in your desired language. Just like the one you mentioned the words in your question.

In Latin "Daddy`s princess" is written as Daddy`s procer or you can also write it as "abbas procer". Here abbas mean Father's.

In Latin "Daddy`s girl" is written as Daddy`s puella or abbas puella.

Hope the above mention site will help you in future translations. Have fun :)

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Papi's Princessa or la princesa de papá=daddy's princess which ever you like they both mean the same hopefully this helped its ok you can trust me I'm 100% mexican lol...
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Thanks =) I trust you *lol* But I was looking for the Latin translation, and not the latin American translation =) But I can absolutely use you translation for a poem that I\m working on, so thanks anyway ;)

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