What Is The Definition Of "Practicing Catholic'?


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Someone who follows the rules of the church and has faith and believes in God.
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Someone who slavishly follows all the rules et down by the priests and shamans, same as in any other religion. A slave to superstition.
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Catholics are not a slave to what you call "superstition". You may not believe in what Catholics believe but that does not make it superstition.Catholics are not slaves as Catholics have free will. Just as every other human being does. God actually says our faith will set us free... That doesn't sound like slavery to me. We still can do what we want, think what we want, and say what we want, even it is not particularly right. Being Catholic does not make us perfect at all.
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It means you follow all or mot of the rules set by the Catholic church, including about marriage, sex, contraception, mandatory Sunday church attendance, etc.

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