What Does "skew' Mean?


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To skew means also to put or turn in your favor. In other words positioning the dish to it's proper angle to recieve the best signal. Www.ehow.com/how_1000539_set-up-satellite.html
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Skew means Having an oblique or slanting direction or position. In other words, to turn anything into an angle.
E.g. "the picture was skew" or "the satellite dish is skewed"

if you are reading a manual, find the exact angle where you have to skew the dish.
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When aiming a satellite dish, if you set the elevation and azimuth adjustments accurately to aim at one satellite, the second satellite your service requires will also be aimed at if you set skew to the correct angle. The skew setting varies because the apparent separation between the satellites varies with a change in longitude. If you're a Dish Network customer, you aim at satellite 119 W (located about 24,000 miles above the equator at longitude 119 west), and if the skew is set properly, you'll also be aimed at satellite 110 W.

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