Where Does The Surname Hicks Originate?


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The name Hicks is thought to originate from Medieval times, and England is the most likely birthplace of the name.

Where does the name Hicks come from?

There is evidence to suggest that the name Hicks originates from Medieval England, and may have appeared in the following forms:

  • Hicks
  • Hickes
  • Hickson
  • Hix
Theorists suggest that the name derives from the common first name Richard.

The earliest records of the name Hicks go back all the way to the 10th Century, but its usage was eclipsed by the rise of the related name Richard.

What does the name Hicks mean?

If you're struggling to see the relation between the name 'Hicks' and  the name 'Richard'- you only need to think to another nickname for Richard: Dick.

Rick would have been the original shortened version of Richard.
Because it was popularized by the French-speaking Normans, English people struggled to pronounce the initial 'r' sound- and instead replaced it with an 'h' or 'd'.

Whilst it might seem strange that the name Richard has had so many variants, it is actually fairly common for names to develop or evolve this way - that's what makes learning about them such fun!

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