How Do You Say Grandma In Italian?


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The word for 'grandma' in Italian is Nonna.

Outside Italy, the word nonna is often seen coupled with the word restaurant, kitchen or trattoria. This is because the image of the Italian grandma has become internationally synonymous with a close-knit family unit, home cooking, and traditional recipes.

The root of the word nonna is derived from the Latin nonnus which originally referred to a monk, tutor or elder.

The word for 'great-grandmother' is bisnonna in Italian and, similarly, 'great-great-grandmother' would be trisnonna. The very fact there is a specifically assigned word for 'great-great grandmother' would suggest Italians expect to enjoy a relatively long lifetime.

In fact, Italy is becoming known as something of a 'country of grandparents without grandchildren'. This refers to the country experiencing a demographic phenomenon known as 'population ageing' - where the average age of the population has risen dramatically due to low birth and death rates, and increasing life expectancy. Italy has the 13th highest life expectancy rate in the world, with the average female living until the age of 83 (compared to a global average of around 66), and the region of Liguria in the north of Italy has the highest ratio of elderly people to young people in the world!

The government is currently trying to incentivize young people to have children, whilst at the same time considering increasing the retirement age so that it is able to cope with the economic implications of this situation.
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'nonna' is the translation of Grandma in Italian. You can also search thousand of Italian words free from the Internet now.
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Its nonna, and I love mine.
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According to Translator, Grandma is pronounced in Italian as Nonna. To listen to the pronunciation of word Nonna, you can visit Nonna word Pronunciation and usage in Italian. To listen to the pronunciation of word Nonna, Click on the Speakers icon to hear the Pronunciation].
Apart form the pronunciation, you can also Visit Italian Pronunciations, to help in understanding the Italian pronunciation.
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