What Is Glocalisation?


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Glocalisation is a concept that is being adopted by organizations all over the world. It means the tailoring of a company's offering to suit the interests of local markets across the world. Microsoft has brought out versions of Windows that are in the regional language.

Craigslist is the largest classifieds site in the world. It is increasingly proving to be a local presence in many markets. If someone is looking for an apartment in Bangalore he will be able to do so on Craigslist though Craigslist does not have a significant presence in India in terms of offices or employee strength. Companies are using the glocalisation concept to emotionally connect with its customers. They undertake many social development projects in foreign markets in the name of glocalisation. In order to implement glocalisation it is important the initiative is supported by the top management. It requires a certain amount of vision as results are not immediate.

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