What Does EQ Stand For?


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Usually it stands for Emotional Quotient.  Just like IQ measures your intelligence, your EQ is a measure of your emotions.  Your ability to handle diversity and challenges with "emotional intelligence" is more responsible for your success than your IQ.  For example, when someone gets cut off in traffic, someone with a low EQ might scream, curse and actually chase or tailgate that driver, risking their safety over something that can give them no long term gain. They are ruled by their emotions. Someone with a high EQ is in control of their emotions enough to realize that there's nothing they can do about the situation and the smart thing would be to continue on with their day. Another example, someone with a low EQ might say "I'm depressed today, I'm not going to go to work" while someone with a high EQ might say "I'm depressed, but staying home won't help me. I'll end up losing money and I won't feel any better moping around the house anyway".

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