Action Speaks Louder Than Words, What Does The Saying Mean?


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This saying is pointing out that while people may say one thing, their actions may be saying something quite different, and it is their actions which give the better indication of the person's true nature.
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Simply put: You can say you agree with something. You can say you are figting for a certain cause, but until someone see's you physically "fighting" for / standing up for that cause, they might not believe you.
Or another one: You can say you love a person, but when that person is in need, your help will show them that you love them.
Words do not always mean is what you do that makes you what people look up to
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This saying means that people will interpret your true life values and commitment to them not by how you speak of them, but how you demonstrate them in your behaviors.  For example, if someone says honesty is an important value to them, but they lie or cheat (on their taxes or their spouse) as part of their everyday behavior, people will interpret their commitment to that value with more weight given to the behavior than the words--and may conclude that 1)the  person really does not truly value honesty and 2) that they low inegrity (consistency between what is said and what is done).
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This saying means, It would be better to take action to deal with a problem, rather than to just talk about it.
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This proverb means that the attitude of the person can be declared good or bad by seeing his actions that is his behavior.we need not look for the person how he is speaking the actions of the person can just decide his character
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It means that some people simply talk and talk but they don't do anything at all. Rather than speaking and preaching about things, it is better to show them in action.
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It can also mean that I can say just about anything to anyone..."I love you" is a good example.  I may be verbally abusive to you...the way I treat you may not show that I love you even though I say it.  Or I can say, "I am sorry" but still continue to do the same hurtful thing...actions speak louder than words, once again.   What you do is a better indicator than what you say.
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I think it means you have to show me, not just take your word for it. And some people ant back up there words.
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Someone can say that their doing something but they might not be doing it. You can't believe it untill you actully see it.
Allow me to offer two examples:

1) We are sitting in a restaurant eating lunch. I say "this is terrible" and continue eating.

2) We are sitting in a restaurant eating lunch. I show a disgusted look on my face, throw the plate on the floor, and leave the building.

As you can see from example 2 I used no words but my actions speak for themselves wouldn't you agree?

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