What Does Capillary Action Mean?


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Capillary action is defined as the action that causes the movement of liquids when they come in contact with two surfaces that lie adjacent to each other. These two adjacent surfaces may be panel sidelaps. The natural upward movement of water in confined areas is known as the capillary action of water. These confined areas may be the gaps between the particles of soil.

It is a force that causes liquids to fall or rise when they are inside very small tubular spaces. Capillary action is the movement of a liquid within another material. Capillary action is a result of surface tension that occurs when the liquid and the other surface come in contact with each other.

The drawing of a substance along an adherent surface is defined as the capillary action of the substance. In the example of the glass tube and water, the water is the liquid surface and the glass tube is the adherent surface. This is despite the presence of the force of gravity.

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