What Is Prolife?


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ProLife is a movement advocating the right to live even for an unborn child. The movement is against abortion, and against any form of mercy killing. The prolife movement is also against cell mutation, and opposes conducting of experiments on embryos.

Prolife movement advocates pro-family policies in all areas of civic life, including taxation. It also demands right to paternal and maternal leaves.

The prolife movement believes that any act that violates the sanctity of human life is morally wrong and seeks legal steps to declare such acts as illegal. The movement calls for respect for every form of human life, whether it is an unborn child, a crippled or disable person, elderly people, or the terminally ill. The movement advocates that every human being is worthy of dignity and must be respected from the moment of fertilization till the moment of their death.

The prolife movement is opposite to the pro-choice movement that advocates that every human being should have the freedom to choose on all aspects of their life, including abortion.

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