What Does Soul Mate Mean?


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A soul mate is a term that talks about two people who are perfectly made for each other and are ideal to spend their entire life together. A soul mate can also refer to couples who are madly in love with each other and can't stay without each other. Soul mates are also known as lovers who are deeply in love with each other. In a more technical definition; the term soul mates is used for the designation of an individual with another individual with whom he one has a feeling of natural affinity, love, friendship, sexuality and intimacy or in short mutual compatibility. However due to the concept of the twin soul or twin flame, also known be the search for the ultimate soul mate, according to this theory is that every individual has a only half of their soul and the other half is with their soul mate. And for this all the souls are driven to find their other half and join them.
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You have much in common with that one particular person......the best to you
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Its the person you were meant to be with
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Some people believe that soul-mates are two people who have found each other through the mists of time, as in reincarnation and multiple lifetimes. When you meet a soulmate, they say you `recognise` them rather than meet them for the first time. Also, apparently we don't only have one go-round with this person; there may have been thousands of shared lifetimes! We bring experiences, lessons, pains, joys, love from the past and have to resolve them with the same soul who now has a different physical body. Yes, it's complicated and you might think it's a load of rubbish. So, putting aside this belief, soul-mates are simply people who share a special connection and love. They don't have to be lovers or married; soul-mates can also be deep and close friends, siblings, parent and child etc. It's a special gift so if you have someone in your life that you think is a soul-mate, value them and don't worry about analyzing it too much.
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Some feels Soul Mates descend from heaven together and they the better half of one another and they will always have this special connection with one another that can not be explained, only felt deep within the core of your being.
It feels as if you have known each other before in another life, you can feel what could be happening to the other person. For instance I was talking to a friend one day and I got this strange feeling something was wrong with my boyfriend I couldn't shake the feeling.
I went to the door and when I looked out I saw a car on a flat bed tow truck, and the car was crushed on the left side, I told my friend that he had been in a accident and I had the feeling of him calling for me.
I went to the door again and saw a car drove by with a dent in the left side of the door, and the feeling was stronger, I knew then something was wrong. Come to find out later, he had been in a accident his truck turned over and it was on the left side, he had his arm hanging out a few minutes before the accident happened and he said something made him move his arm off the door, because if it had stayed there it would have been ripped off.
He had been thinking of me, wanting me at the hospital with him, he asked his brother to call me but he didn't, and he said right before the accident he had been thinking about. So if you can feel things like this with someone, to be so connected, that person can feel what's happening to the other that's deep.
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The one and only. My soul mate, though we broke up, never lost touch despite my marrying someone else but unfortunately he died 2 days after my son was born. I think of him all the time and know in my heart and soul that we were meant for each other. Sometimes you move on and marry someone else, but a soulmate is someone you never forget no matter what and know you were supposed to be together. Often times, star crossed lovers, someone you love so deeply, but it never seems to happen. There are many scenarios here, but when love is right is happens and sometimes it doesn't - but if you find someone you feel you can't live without, and they feel the same, this is most likely your soul mate

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