What Is The Latin Translation For "God Have Mercy On My Soul"?


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"Deus venia animum"

Formally you would include "tu animum" but its implied that your saying your soul by the mum ending. Venia really means forgiveness or grace on your soul. If your trying to be sincere thats how you would say it. Clementia means closer to take pity. Animum usually means the life of a person or the spirit so it would also apply to soul but they had no word for soul exactly. Add "sic" after deus if your trying to say "MAY God have mercy on your soul."
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"Deus miserere animae meae." -- This is the correct translation.  Being Catholic, I am familiar with language such as this. I have also studied Latin. The other translations listed are improper. You do not add "sic" to make the phrase optative (i.e. May God bless you); you use the subjunctive mood.
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God have mercy
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Latin is one of the oldest and most sophisticated languages in the world. The above phrase " God have mercy on my soul" can be translated in Latin as:
"Deus Have Misericordia In Meus Animus"

For more translations in Latin see the link  below:
Latin translation

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