What Does Fussy Means?


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"Fussy" means like...picky.
Example Sentence:
"Don't be so fussy about your food."
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Are you fussy? Most people are and they have different dislikes. Some are fussy eaters and will only eat certain types of food, so if your not fussy, then you eat any thing.
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Fussy means that the person likes things to be a certain way and they usually get upset when they don't like how something is done or when things don't go their way.
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It means crabby, annoyed, and irritable.
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The term fussy means some one excessively busy with trifle, anxious or particular about petty details. There is a famous book character known as Mr. Fussy who is part of the Mr. Men series of books, which were written by Roger Hargreaves.

Mr. Fussy generally come into view under the title Monsieur Tatillon (French), Unser Herr Ordentlich (German) as well as Meneer Precies (Dutch) amongst others. Mr. Men basically was a string of forty three children's books which were started in the year 1971.

Little Miss was an additional string of thirty books which had been written by the same novelist but had female characters and had started in the year 1981. Post Hargreaves's death in the year 1988, his son, Adam Hargreaves, took writing and started illustrating innovative stories linking the Mr. Men and Little Miss Characters.

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