What Is Meant By Impression Motivation And Impression Construction?


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Since with other cognitive processes, impression managing has much achievable conceptual extent and has been researched in relation to violence, feelings change attributions, common facilitation, and leadership. Two part components of impression managing have been recognized impression motivation and impression construction. Particularly in a service condition, subordinates may be motivated to manage how their boss perceives them. The scale of this motivation to impression control will depend on such factors as the significance the impressions have to the individual's goals, the value of these goals, and the inconsistency between the figure one would like others to grip and the figure one believes others already grip.

Impression construction, the other main procedure, is worried with the particular type of limit the type of impression only to individual characteristics; others consist of such other things as attitudes, physical states, benefit, or values. By this broader come near, five factors have been recognized as being specially related to the kinds of impressions public attempt to construct the self construct the self impression, preferred and undesired identity images, role constraints, target's values, and present common image.

Although there is significant research on how these five factors power the type of impression that people attempt to make, there is motionless small known of how they choose the way to handle others' perceptions of them.

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