What Is Meant By The Terms Static Media And Dynamic Media?


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The terms static and dynamic media refer to the way in which a medium is presented. Static media, such as the newspaper, is printed in black and white and cannot be altered once it has been written. In comparison, dynamic media is constantly updated and is interactive.

Dynamic media is developing in the modern world and the classic example is a website. Both static and dynamic media still play an important role in the media and marketing industry. Businesses and firms will aim to produce both types of media in order to address the biggest audience possible. Static and dynamic media can be used individually and together to create a brand and an image for a business.

  • Static Media
    Static media is literal in the sense that the media it includes does not move. Newspapers, magazines, posters and books are all examples of static media. When advertising, businesses will pay thousands of dollars in order to secure a page of advertisements within a popular magazine. Many believe that the modern age is moving towards a complete online and dynamic culture, however the payment rates for a full page in a top newspaper suggests otherwise. Static media is still an essential part of the industry and it is still considered highly thought of to be 'in print'.

  • Dynamic Media
    Dynamic media is the complete opposite of static media and includes websites, social networking and online forums. Websites allow consumers to interact with a business and feel much more involved with the brand. Social network marketing online is a huge new concept. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are all proving to be an essential way of interacting with competitors and consumers and making a brand dynamic and exciting.
Although the two types of media are very different, companies will often use both to get their messages across. Static media is still considered classic and reputable, while dynamic media gives them the chance to interact with their audience.
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Millions of people all over the world read newspapers every morning. A newspaper is a medium that basically has a lot of black and white typed matter. It not only looks very unattractive, but it also is monotonous and boring for the user to read the news. A good example of a static medium is the newspaper, with which we start our day every morning. A newspaper follows a set pattern of printing and typesetting operations and the readers have to wait for the next day's edition to read the news.

A website, on the other hand, is the perfect example of a dynamic medium, but it becomes a dynamic medium only when it undergoes constant updates or changes. These changes are made by an expert in web designing, who used tools such as HTML and Flash to modify the content on the webpage and to improve the layout. People prefer dynamic media such as the Internet to static media such as newspapers.
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media failure is a debatable  area which many scholars can not actually explain. It is a movement which has many dimensions and views ranging from societal discourse to business discourse. Market failure according to Gunter (2000) is a situation whereby production units fail to meet the market demand, this explanation is limited as it does not bring the other side of market research which is profit or rather business based, market failure from a societal point of view is when one benefits at the expense of the community or society which is socially unacceptable but has no consequences

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