What Are Some Of The Different Kinds Of Arts?


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There are various faces of arts; the most common of them are fine arts which includes various kinds of fields including drawing, sculpturing, painting, poetry, cinema, graffiti, wood carving and etc. Arts can be pertained to as being creative. Not every one can have artistic talent which is an inborn talent, a talent to grasp the details out of some thing very vague. This enables the artist to create some thing extraordinary.

Fine arts being very popular among youngsters these days, also quiet common between skilled and talented people who have taken fine arts as their profession. Fine arts include drawing, sketching, painting, pottery and the list goes on. Some people practice fine arts as a part of their hobby and profession. The greatest artist of all time who worked on various art fields is one of the most famous painters Leonardo Di Vinci. His vision and his creativity enabled him to work on the techniques that he tried and developed and drew that people till today wonder about.

Other artist such as Shakespeare was genius in his own very respect. He used the art of his poetry to revolutionize the Literature field and will be remember for his works until the human kind lasts.

What ever the arts field may be, one must posses the talent to be able to do it. Hard work is always needed but if one doesn't have the mind to do it, he may never be able to achieve what he is after.
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Arts can be things such as painting, sculpting, or Dancing, 
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Kinds of arts

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