What Are The Kinds Of Line In Art?


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  • What is Line Art?
If you look at images for line art you will find that you will have huge variety of types of art. Line art tends to be an outline so the lines are clearly visible and not distracted by the colors or textures that would normally be placed between the lines. Line art may initially appear simplistic due to the lack of color and complications but it is still an intricate and detailed art form that can be as detailed or as simple as the artist desires. Line art became popular in the late 90s when a minimalist form of living became popular. This transferred onto fashion and interior design and the type of art artists were painting and people were buying.

  • What line art looks like
Line art will almost always have a plain background, usually white but not always. The lines can be straight or curved and there is rarely any shading involved as the lines take the focus of the art. The lines may create one, two or three dimensional objects and the lines are usually the same width for the entire drawing.

Line art is often the type of art seen in the basic cartoon sketches seen in newspapers. They are simple outlines so as not to distract from the message of the cartoon, which is usually humorous but can have a moral message for the readers. These types of sketches were popular before photography and the ability to print bright colors came into place.

  • Line art in our everyday lives
Although many people do not realize it, they are practicing line art almost every day. Small doodles and the little drawings we make in the margins of our page are usually considered to be line art. Hearts, flowers, boxes, shapes and cartoon faces are the most popular images that people doodle and the simplistic form of a doodle is similar to line art.
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A line that called line^^

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