What Are The Two Kinds Of Arts?


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Two popular forms of art are folk art and fine art; with folk art, crafting (including quilting, doll-making and woodworking) is a focus, and this type of art often has a rustic, old-fashioned quality. With fine art, such as art glass, oil or acrylic paintings, and sculpture, work is generally more sophisticated and polished; such art may be abstract, modern, or Impressionist...however, it will always have a polished element to it.

Folk art and fine art may occasionally overlap - modern painting may feature vintage elements - however, in general, the two types of art are quite different from one another, and they are very easy to recognize as belonging to their specific category.

Fine Art Is Sold In Galleries

• The most exclusive, critically acclaimed art will often be sold in galleries; this type of art may also appear in museums and national galleries, as shining examples of painting, sculpture, et cetera. The art selected for inclusion in galleries will be chosen based on the subjective opinions of art historians, gallery curators, and so on. Most artists who are included in non-commercial galleries will already have built reputations on a local, national, or international level. Artists who sell their work in commercial galleries will usually receive thousands of dollars per painting or piece of work.

Folk Art Is Often Sold At Craft Fairs

• The folk art scene is a great subculture - people who create crafts, such as dolls, scrapbooks, or wooden decorations (to name just a few examples) often sell their wares at local or national craft fairs. These craft fairs may be held in flea markets, or they may be specifically devoted only to the sale of folk art. In some cases, artists who create folk art will travel around their region, going from craft fair to craft fair. Some folk artists can make a very good living selling their work to tourists.

Folk art and fine art both play important cultural role, and both types of art can be timeless and beautiful expressions of creativity.
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Fine art and folk art

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