Can You Define Change Control Procedure?


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Change control process is used for identifying and maintaining changes to baselines of a project. Change Control Procedure is a process of creating a formal method for identifying, documenting, evaluating, and communicating all changes to projects. The major roles and responsibilities involved in change control process are Project Manager who is responsible for creating a change-sensitive environment from the beginning of the project by educating project participants about need of change control.

Project team members provide estimate of effort needed to evaluate change request. Evaluates change request to determine potential alternatives for implementing changes, recommend alternatives, and estimate the effort to implement. Project board reviews and approves change request referred from the Project Manager.

The Change Request Form is a formal document where the requester describes the changes that need to be applied to the system. The form records the required change as well as recommended changes and estimated costs of making the change. The Change Request Log provides a register of all requested changes to the project. The Project Manager monitors the status of Change Request and takes action as necessary to ensure sufficient progress towards acceptance/rejection. The flow of Change control procedure is as follows:

• Submit request for change
• Estimate effort to evaluate change request
• Determine whether change request should be
• Analyze change request
• Assess need for escalation
• Make implementation decision

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