What Is The Origin Of The Word 'Automatic'?


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The origin of the English word automatic is the Greek word automatos meaning self moving or self thinking. The greek word autos means self, plus a companion word called a component. For example auto + mate is automate when something is converted to automation.    The Greek word mntos means thinking and its base word is men, which means to think. Thus, we have from Greek language words such as automat, automatic, automation, automata, automaticity and more. The plural of automation is automata. We have the word automat a restuarant, in which people insert money nto a machine, slide a little door and retrieve their food.    Then there is the word automaticity, which refers to the degree or condition of automation. Let's not forget about automatism a fancy word, which refers to the action of sleepwalking and similar actions, which appear to be automatic, without being controls. We hope our hearts continue to possess the quality of automatism or what would happen to us? It is fun to play with words like auto and add components to build other words, then learn the meaning of those words and begin using them.

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