How Is Live Laugh Love Written In Spanish?


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The phrase 'live love laugh' translates into Spanish as 'risa viva del amor'.

As is often the case with translating phrases into a foreign language, the separate words don't match the translation if taken one at a time and then placed together.

'Live' in Spanish is 'vivir'.

The Spanish word for 'Love' is 'amar'.

'Laugh' is Spanish becomes 'risa'.

Due to the way Latin languages such as Spanish work however, instead of 'Vivir amar rise' to express the phrase 'live love laugh', it becomes 'risa viva del amor'.

If you're interested in learning some basic Spanish phrases, why not watch this YouTube lesson?

However, if you ask me, the best way to learn a language is always to immerse yourself among people who speak the language fluently... either by travelling, or through making Spanish-speaking friends locally. 

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