What Is The Spanish Name For Breadfruit?


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Breadfruit grows in Jamaica where I'm from and that's what we call it. Lately it has been across social media as a wonder fruit that's helpful for diabetes, full of vitamin C and a staple food in different countries across the world.

In Spanish it is called "árbol de pan, pan, panapen", while different Spanish speaking countries in Central and South America have their local name for breadfruit:

  • In Guatemala  and Honduras it's called Mazapan.
  • In Mexico breadfruit is called Fruta de pan.
  • It is also called Pana and Mapén in Puerto Rico.

Breadfruit grows in many different tropical regions. You'll find it in the English and French speaking Caribbean as well as across Africa, Southeast Asia, India, the Pacific Ocean islands, Madagascar, Indonesia, the Seychelles, northern Australia and south Florida. 

It belongs to the same family of plants as figs, mulberries and banyan trees.

Check out this information from the Breadfruit Institute at the National Tropical Botanical Garden in Hawaii for more local names and a lot more information about the breadfruit tree.

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