What Is The Meaning Of Nilofer?


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Its gender is feminine and primary usage is in Iranian language, its meaning WATER LILY in Persian. This name is also being used in many parts of subcontinent countries as well like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Many famous film actresses have been associated with this name in these countries over the last ten decades.

The family names have started in use since the 20th century. Iranian names are derived from Persian. Some names are taken from legendary backgrounds and the Arabic backgrounds. For example: Arash, Jamshed, etc.

While others are simple vocabulary names such as:

Omid, laila,etc.

There are also non-Persian names in use in IRAN.

Although people all over the world use names but they vary greatly from people to people and also custom dependent.

In some cases they are quite simple such as Indonesians who use a single name only. On the other hand names might be traditional such as Chinese use a complex naming style. The Chinese males are given different names at different stages of their lives apart from the family names or even the generation names.
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Water lilly not a common name

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