What Does The Name Sheema Mean?


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Sheema is most commonly used as a Muslim name. Sheema was the name of the Prophet Mohammed's milk sister (foster sister); she was the daughter of his wet nurse (Haleema Sadia, or Halima bint Hareth As-Saadiyah). Sheema is also referred to as Shai'ma, Shaima or Al-Shaima. Mohammed had other milk-siblings: Elisa and Abdullah, and was raised in Halima's household for the first four years of his life. As adults, Mohammed recognises Shaima by the bite mark he had given her as a child. She converted to Islam before her death.

Sheema can also come from Irish, Japanese or Navajo.

It is the English phonetic translation of the Irish name Simait. Spelled Simait, but sounds like "sheema" to the ears of English speakers. Simait means "good" or "tranquillity", in Irish.

Sheema is the English transliteration of a Japanese word for "island", usually spelled shima. This can be an island in the ocean, or an a field which is distinct from surrounding land (like an island in the sea).

Shima is also a native American (Navajo) word for "mother".

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