What Is The Name Of Mr. Dithers' Wife?


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Cora Dithers is the name of the wife of Mr. Julius C. Dithers. Mr. Dithers is the boss of the firm for which Dagwood Bumstead works in the comic strip which is entitled Blondie. Mr. Dithers is known for his very harsh personality.

He always threatens to fire Dagwood, and despite the latter's repeated requests, he always denies him a raise in salary. Mr. Dithers' attitude is somewhat justified, considering the work ethic of Dagwood. Mr. Dithers and Dagwood have frequent disputes at work, but he and his wife Cora often visit Dagwood's home for dinner after work.

In the year 2004, the Economist reported that the nickname which was given by political commentators to Paul Martin, the prime minister of Canada, was Mr. Dithers. This is because Martin was indecisive and prone to dithering. The party which was led by Martin, namely the Liberal Party of Canada, was also nicknamed the Ditherals.

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