What Is A Garth?


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The word garth stems from an old Norse word that means 'enclosed ground used as a yard or paddock' and it is still used to mean that in the north of England. A garth is a small grassy enclosure to northern farmers. This is the traditional use of the term that was originally applised to any small enclosed space as in a churchyard or church garth, a stackyard or stackgarth or an appleyard or applegarth, The word survives in many street names.

In other parts of England the word Garth is used to describe an enclosed space or yard with a hard surface as in a courtyard and farmyard.

The word was used in many different situations. So an applegarth was an apple orchard and a cloister garth was an area enclosed within the cloister of a monastery. This was generally used as a vegetable garden or a burial area.

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