Are Gareth And Gary The Same Name?


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Gary is often used as a short or pet form of Gareth, but in fact they are two separate names.

Gareth is of uncertain origin. It is a popular boy's name in Wales, and its origins are probably from a Welsh word meaning "gentle," but this is disputed. It's a name much associated with Arthurian legend; in most versions of the story, Gareth was the youngest son of Queen Morgause of Orkney. He came to Camelot in disguise, won fame through his exploits as a knight, and was finally (accidentally) killed by Sir Lancelot. The name Garth may be a short form of Gareth.

Gary, on the other hand, was originally a surname, probably of Norman or Germanic derivation. There may be a connection with the old Germanic word gar, or "spear." It became popular as a given name for boys in the 20th century, largely due to the popularity of Hollywood actor Gary Cooper.
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It may indeed be, and it depends on the intent of the parents.  Gary may be derived from Celtic (e.g., Welsh - Cymraeg, Scottish - Gaelic, Breton, or Irish) or Germanic origins, but the meanings associated with the name Gary are completely different, the Celtic meaning "gentle" and the Germanic meaning "spear carrier."  My name is Gary, and my parents gave my brother Trevor and I Welsh names.  His name is derived from the name of the hillfort at the base of the Llyn Peninsula called Tre'r Ceiri, whereas mine is the modified version of Gareth, meaning "gentle".  If you look at many baby name websites, some state flatly that Gary means "spear carrier", the word from Germanic origins, whereas others state "gentle", the word from Celtic roots.  The real answer is - "it depends!"
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You might also find the Gareth is a name which was made up in literature, and became popular there after. It doesn't mean anything in Welsh, it became popular in the 17th Century. It has nothing to do with Gary, or Garth.

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