What Is Rosemary In Spanish?


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El romero
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Rosemary or rosemaria,,,is a herb which is excellent for helping someone to sleep, or as a sexual stimulant.  The problem being that the cells or the body need to get moving again.  Running is good but it locks the fat cells between the legs and under the arms....rose marie.... Helps fatty cells to drain. Don't think because you smile that you can't use this cleanser... It's a dialy helath drink that you can link in with God each moment and he (The Lord God the Almighty) or his wife (His co-creator) will tell you.. Its an urging... God Bless you for this question. I hope another will use this Plant/Herb for full use and creat an invention for him...To God be the Glory... By the way this herb is also used in the Swazy belt in South Africa and in Jamaica to cook and pounded to use in baking.. Its flower when dried has small seeds..

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