What Is `preamble`?


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The preamble is an introductory statement or preliminary explanation as to the purpose of the document and the principles behind its philosophy. The term is particularly applied to the opening paragraph(s) of a statute, which recite historical facts which may be pertinent to the issue being discussed. It is often confused with the long title or the enacting formula of a law.
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A Preamble is an introduction to the United States Constitution. There are certain goals and ideas of the Preamble that the Constitution requires the United States people to stand up for. Furthermore the Preamble also illustrates the ultimate purpose of the Constitution. There are six goals of the Preamble that all elected governments of the United States must fulfil:

1- Firstly the idea is that of unity, the crux is to establish a more perfect Union. It revolves around the mutual cooperation of states with each other in order to perform as one single unit.

2- Secondly, the Preamble promulgates the principle of equality. The establishment of justice and fairness is eminently necessary for the welfare of the people.

3- The third goal forms the gist of entrenching domestic tranquillity. In other words, it focuses on the ideology of spreading and sustaining peace among the people.

4- Next comes the goal of defence. The fourth goal of the Preamble concentrates upon providing common defence to the citizens of the United States and protect their country from all perils and threats.

5- Also the objective of prolific prosperity is an important item on the agenda of the Preamble, making sure the nation is free of menaces like poverty, hunger and diseases.

6- Lastly, it contemplates on the preservation of the liberty granted to the Americans, to cherish it as long as they live and along with the collective freedom, protect the individual freedom of every group as well.

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