What Does The Last Name Harrell Mean In Translation?


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The name Harrell, which is more popular as a last name rather than a first name, is thought to have its roots in Hebrew. It roughly translates as "God's mount".

It is an English name, a variant of the popular name Harold. As an Irish name it is an Anglicized variation of the Gaelic Ó hEarghail which means 'descendant of Earghal'.

Some popular personalities which share the surname Harrell would include entrepreneur Andre Harrell; bishop Costen Jordan Harrell; actor James N. Harrell; and musician Todd Harrell. There is even a city in Arkansas, located in the United States of America goes by the name Harrell.

Related names would include Harel and Harold. Some other names which sound similar to Harrell would include Harrel, Harwell, Jarrell, Darrell and even Farrell.

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