What Does The Name Harold Mean?


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Harold is derived from an Old English name, itself formed from the words here "army" and weald "ruler", so approximately the name means "chief of the army." The old Saxon name Hereward (as in Hereward the Wake) may be an earlier variant of Harold. There is also a related Norse word, Haraldr, which helped to form the name we know today (it is still occasionally spelt Harald.)

For English people the name has connotations of heroic defeat, because of the death of the last "English" king (actually of Danish descent) Harold, who was shot in the eye at the Battle of Hastings in 1066 and replaced by the victor, William of Normandy. After his death, Old English and Saxon- influenced names became Les popular and those of Latin and French origin.

Famous Harolds include the late British Prime Minister Harold Wilson, and late American comic actor and stuntman Harold Lloyd.
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The name Harold is an old English name but its origin lies in the Scandinavian. It is supposed to mean either "army leader" or "army ruler". The name is literally supposed to mean "one who proclaims". The name is pronounced as "HARE-uld". There are nearly nineteen variations of the name including Aroldo, Arry, Haroldo, Heraldo, Herrold, Herrick, Harrell, Harry etc. Even though the name has been popular in the past its popularity has been steadily diminishing.

The name has been the name of several Kings in Norway, Denmark and England. Perhaps the name can be said to be of preference to the Royals. Even the fourth in line to the crown of the United Kingdom Prince Harry is named after a variation of Harold. There's even a poem by Alfred Tennyson called Harold.

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