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Procedure refers to a standard course of action or way of doing something. It is the official and established way of doing things known and followed by many people. Good examples of procedures include administrative, legislative, recipes, medical and judicial procedures among others.

Different kinds of procedure have different steps that have to be followed and only successful completion of one step allows us to proceed to the other. In some procedures you can skip some steps and still have the same end result as someone who followed all the required steps while in others you are required to follow all steps otherwise you will not accomplish your mission.

An example of a procedure where you can skip some steps is when you are applying for a job. For most organizations, prospective employees have to apply for the position and go for an interview before getting the job. Sometimes, some people just walk into an office ask for a job and they get it.

Although we may not notice, we are surrounded by procedures; our day-to-day activities are guided by lots of procedures. When we were growing up, we were taught to do things following specific steps and we probably do exactly that even today, now that’s procedure! From the way we do our laundry to how we brush our teeth and a bunch of other things we do.

Most of the procedures that we follow were not set by anyone in particular or any organization whereas some procedures have been put in place by credible people who have knowledge and understand the importance of these procedures. Medical procedures for instance have been put in place by doctors. On the other hand, how we brush our teeth may be dictated by any person’s style of doing things.

Most procedures, irrespective of who formulated them bring orderliness to what we are doing because you have a clear guidance on what to do next. We all follow procedures even if we do it unconsciously or because the law mandates us to do so. Sometimes, procedures can be time wasting especially when they are bureaucratic.
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The word Procedure is a noun and was derived from French word "procédure" or from Middle French word, proceder.
A Procedure is a manner of proceeding; a way of performing something. It is series of steps taken to accomplish a task.
A Process is a set of rules and regulations that governs the affairs of an organized body that can be a  business, club, or government.
It is to be noted that Repetitive procedures are called routines.
Also Visit Procedure, word usage examples along with its synonyms.
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1) An established or official way of doing something
2) A serious of actions conducted in a certain order or manner
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It means when you have steps to do something
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It means when you do things step by step

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