What are the example of filipinism words?


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The word Filipinism can mean two separate things. The first is when it is used as a term to describe words that either; do not make sense grammatically or are used in an incorrect way. The second being when native Filipino speakers add emphasis to certain phrases that are not needed. In the list below there are a few examples to illustrate the first meaning i.e. English speakers using words inaccurately or what you could describe as in a colloquial fashion.

  • Here are some that we have found:

Come again - is a replacement of Pardon me?
Aircon - should be air conditioner.
Connected with - a term used in business which really means 'working with'.
Fetching - really means picking up someone from somewhere else.
Batches - used to describe people, should rather be, to describe things.
Fall in line - common from films should be - Stand in line, form a line
Officemates is a replacement word for colleagues.

  • Further examples of phrases

I must need to pass the test. (I need to pass the test.)
I can be able to eat here? (Can I eat here?)
How sure you are that you are going? (How sure are you that you are going?)
Pasta is one of my favorite food. (Pasta is one of my favorite foods.)

An example of how this use of language has influenced native English speakers is evident from this next example; Can you please repeat that again? This sounds correct, and in general people would not notice the error, but in actual fact it should be said as; Can you please repeat that? The word 'again' is unnecessary and is an example of how Filipinism is evident in parts of the English language.
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Hi Nicole Manion,

Great comments. I just have something to say about a couple of words though.

"come again" may have a quite nasty connotation but it's a conversational word commonly used by our African-American friends in the States to mean "say something again". So, there isn't anything wrong with it except, of course, that it doesn't sound good.

The word batch actually also means "a group of people". Just check Merriam-Webster's website to help you be updated.

Hope this helps. Thanks.
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The term “Filipinisms” is something what we can’t call “proudly Pinoy”
or consider as a plus factor in experiencing “more fun in the

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I've confirmed with some Americans that the term office mate is not really Filipinism. In fact, there are a lot of matches in The New York Times. The term may not be in the dictionary, but native speakers also use it.

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