How Do You Spell Hate In Japanese?


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Given the fact that the modern Japanese written language is a combination of three main systems; Kanji, hiragana and katakana and uses a different symbolic system than western languages, makes this a difficult question to answer. This problem is further exacerbated by the innate complexities and wealth of terminology that is used in both written and conversational Japanese.

In the part of the Japanese language known as Kanji, in which characters originating from China are used to represent both words 'loaned' from the Chinese language and adopted in Japan, as well as Japanese created words, the noun 'hate' can be written as: 憎 and pronounced as 'nikushimi'.

Similarly, the noun 'hatred' can be written as 憎悪 and pronounced 'zouo'.

There are however, other definitions of the word hate and this can have an effect on the words used in the Japanese language depending on the rules of language and the context the words is being used in.

If you are using the word hate as an adjective, as in the sentence 'I hate that hat', the Japanese word 嫌う, pronounced 'kirau' is used.

愛憎 is pronounced 'aizou' and is a Japanese compound word formed from two opposites and means 'Love and Hate'.

Although these are the most literal translations of the word hate into Japanese, it is important to understand that there are a great many other Japanese words with similar meanings, used both orally and through written text and many of these words may be used instead of the words listed above.

Other common phrases, written in western text below for ease of understanding include:
'anata no joto ga kirai desu' or less formally "kirai desu' which translates as 'I hate you'.
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Normally, 'hate' is written as '嫌い' in Japanese, which is pronounced as 'kirayi'.

The answer by amber22 is also correct, but it is not a common word. Hope it helps.

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It depends. If you mean hate as a verb, like "I hate that," it would be 嫌う, pronounced kirau. If you mean like a noun, such as, "My hate grows more for that," then it is 憎しみ, pronounced nikushimi.
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There are many way to say the word 'hate' in Japanese; Diakirai is one of them. However there are thousands of Japanese words that have better meaning than the word 'hate'.

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